WHY FEARWALK? (My Journey to Freedom)

I started creating my own FearWalks as a teenager, and I’ve used them ever since to live a freer, richer life.

In college I went after my fear of public speaking and leadership to become co-president of my university.

When I realized how my insulated white-bread upbringing had programmed in me an unconscious xenophobia, I took off for Africa, touring 13 countries over 15 months, replacing fear with friendship, and later I lived with an anti-American Muslim family in Pakistan to do the same.

Later in life, I quit a lucrative yet constraining career in finance to bicycle alone from Mexico to Argentina.

I gave away a successful real estate business to tour the world teaching acro-yoga and performing circus acrobatics in Thailand, India, and Germany.

I embraced “The Road Less Traveled” and followed my extraordinary path for many years.

Currently, I’m a certified NLP Practitioner with NLP Marin and a professional business strategy coach for executives and entrepreneurial business leaders.

I’m currently on a FearWalk into intimacy – nurturing deeper, more loving relationships with my family and friends.

And my newest and biggest Fearwalk to date, a Fearwalk into Spirit Partner, where I am listening to the universe and calling in my life partner through meditation, visioning, and art.

Above all, I’m on a quest to guide others on their own FearWalks through courses, workshops, mastermind groups, and one-on-one intensive coaching.

More About Hitch:

“I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Santa Cruz and hold a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics. I am a certified NLP Practitioner with NLP Marin and the founder or co-founder of Spirit Tribe, Heart Tribe, Ecotribe, Inspiration Campaign, Heartbeat Amplifier, Bughouse Dinner and Chess Club, and FearWalk.”

Fearwalk Talks Series

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  • Anonymous

    “I discovered I was harboring a hidden fear (even I didn’t know it was there!) that had been holding me back from creating the career I wanted. The Fearwalk process gently gave me full support to walk through it.

  • Anonymous

    “Fearwalk gave me the space and framework within which to explore the deeper fears and limitations of my life. I am excited to explore now with tools for moving forward.”

  • Anonymous

    “Identifying and overcoming my fear is releasing me to get what I need.”

  • Anonymous

    “It was great for helping me start to get to the bottom of what I’m really afraid of…and to get me thinking about a concrete path toward overcoming those fears.”

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